Our Pre-Employment Background Checks are Thorough and Affordable

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Support Staff Employment Screening - $25

A thorough background check at an affordable price. Good choice for entry level staff and production workers, laborers, temporary labor positions.

General Labor & Home-Based Providers Employment Screening - $45

Thorough background screening, plus an extra county criminal records search. Recommended for nonprofit volunteers, childcare workers, caregivers, nannies, housekeeping staff, personal assistants, and laborers.

Office Staff & Middle Management Employment Screening- $105

Background, Criminal plus Credit History check. Recommended for cash handlers, administrative staff, managers, sensitive information and data entry positions. Requires premier account and on-site inspection.

Upper Management Employment Screening - $160

Essential, comprehensive screening for C-Suite level and executives. Recommended to screen attorneys, CPAs, stockbrokers, financial planners, physicians, nonprofit directors, corporate officers. Requires premier account and on-site inspection.

Extra Services

Special Business Credit Report - $49.95

No account required.